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Township: Meadow, Johnston County
Full Survey: 1981
Known Graves: 107
Births: 1836 - 1973
Deaths: 1903 - 1981
Surnames: Allen, Barfield, Bell, Bennett, Bodger, Clark, Cole, Davis, Eason, Elliott, Evans, Hie, Hill, Howards, Ingram, Ivy, Lee, McCollouch, McCullouch, Meritt, Merritt, Patterson, Peacock, Revels, Revil, Rose, Sanders, Smith, Stackes, Thornton, Trublefield, Vinson, Walker, White, Williams, Wilson
Location: 35.304667,-78.399446
JCGHS*: #0726 - From Benson take Hwy 50 east to Peacock's Crossroads, turn left (2nd left) one mile past Meadow School onto SR 1116, take 2nd right onto SR 1132. Church is about mile down the road on the right.
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Name Birth Death
Allen, Preston 1875 1967
Barfield, Edgar 1910 1964
Barfield, John W 1980
Barfield, Julia 1878 1968
Barfield, Lonie Mack 1900 1958
Barfield, Lonnie Jr
Bell, Gusie
Bell, John Henry
Bennett, Grady Jr
Bennett, James Clinnet 1923 1963
Bennett, Ludy
Bodger, Rachel 1977
Clark, Viola S 1899 1981
Cole, Pearl 1911 1940
Davis, Anna Bell 1915 1978
Davis, Lauria V
Davis, Thomas 1885 1950
Eason, Ashley
Eason, Eulace 1873 1957
Eason, Josephine
Elliott, Dorothy 1928 1949
Evans 1927 1936
Hie, Jessie
Hill, Hassie
Hill, Lessie Benett 1918 1967
Howards, Alice 1933
Howards, Spence 1933
Ingram, Arthur 1891 1962
Ingram, David A 1908 1974
Ingram, Easter
Ingram, Garfield 1941
Ingram, James Pleasant 1920
Ingram, Jessie Sr
Ingram, Jessie M 1918 1949
Ingram, Madie
Ingram, Ora 1938
Ingram, Pauline 1903 1956
Ingram, Penia
Ingram, Tolicto 1973 1974
Ingram, Verdia B 1925 1969
Ingram, William T 1866 1916
Ivy, Annie Pearl 1926 1956
Lee, Ethan 1895 1918
Lee, Joseph 1857 1918
McCollouch, Dock 1887 1975
McCullouch, Cathy 1967
Meritt, Ellon 1912 1944
Merritt, Alton B
Merritt, Elton 1911 1944
Merritt, Fodie
Merritt, Friday
Merritt, Ostill 1940
Patterson, Hazil 1901 1950
Patterson, Samuel
Peacock, Nettie Ingram 1941
Revels, Nezzie 1891 1954
Revil, Annie
Revil, Claudia
Rose, Bernetha 1974
Rose, Elbert 1912 1974
Rose, Ernie
Rose, Isaac 1836
Rose, James
Rose, Martin T 1915 1980
Rose, Ozella 1880 1942
Rose, Ray 1908 1925
Sanders, Albert
Sanders, Cory 1902 1908
Sanders, Mauria Weldon 1908 1910
Sanders, Roberter May 1902 1903
Sanders, Rosabell
Sanders, Wellia 1906 1908
Sanders, Wiley 1938
Smith, Betsy
Stackes, Mina
Thornton, Rev J S 1934
Trublefield, Peter 1924
Vinson, Effie 1885 1930
Vinson, Eufima
Vinson, Eva Ingram 1903 1957
Vinson, Ferdenand Ellis 1893 1953
Vinson, Floyd
Vinson, Harry 1939
Vinson, Harvy G
Vinson, Henry 1919 1973
Vinson, Sena B 1896 1952
Vinson, Thomas H 1950
Vinson, Verline
Vinson, Walter
Walker, Annie Pearl
Walker, Nellie
Walker, William T
White, Claudia
White, Donia
White, John Moses 1903 1905
White, John Wesley 1842 1907
White, Plesent
Williams, Claudia V
Williams, Clyda West 1939
Williams, Hattie
Williams, Henretta 1918 1971
Williams, Jake 1920 1964
Williams, John Dick
Williams, Marshall
Williams, Mittie West 1950
Williams, Narsessia 1911 1980
Wilson, Edward 1956 1971
"Long Branch Church" Cemetery
Known/Suspected cemeteries in the Meadow Township
Unidentified cemeteries in the Meadow Township from Johnston County GIS

CAUTION: Every effort has been made to verify the cemetery information provided above.

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Passed away on 15 July 2015

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