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Resources Cemeteries Faith Free Will Baptist Church Cemetery
Township: Ingrams, Johnston County
Full Survey: 2014
Known Graves: 125
Births: 1877 - 1989
Deaths: 1914 - 2014
Condition: Good
Location: 35.401412,-78.393373
Directions: From Four Oaks, take Keen Rd for 2.7 miles. Turn right onto Stewart Rd, then continue onto Webb Mill Rd. for another 1.9 miles.
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Surveyed August 2014 by Connie Adams
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Faith Free Will Baptist Church Cemetery

Faith Free Will Baptist Church Cemetery

Faith Free Will Baptist Church Cemetery

Esther M. Adams and David L. Adams

Esther M. Adams and David L. Adams

J. B. Adams

David Glenn Allen

Ella Mae S. Allen and Lester B. Allen

Leroy Allen, CPL, U. S. Marine Corps, Korea

Leroy Allen and Wilma M. Allen

Sallie Allen and Lewis Allen Jr.

Willie D. Allen

Wilma M. Allen

Allen Headstone

Angela Carol Barefoot

Hazel L. Beasley

Earl Wayne Capps Jr., CW2, U. S. Army, Vietnam

Earl Wayne Capps Sr., PVT, U.S. Army, World War II

Earl Wayne Capps Sr.

Joseph D. Coats Jr. and Mildred M. Coats

Joseph Dewey Coats Jr., SGT, U.W. Army, World War II

Ruby S. Coats

Elaine S. Creech

Murphy Green Dunn and Rosey E. Massengill Dunn

Murphy Green Dunn

Charles Milford Godwin

Cameron Michael Hall, Garrett Lee Hall and Anthony Brian Hall

Annie Hayes and Carlie Hayes

Annie S. Hayes and Carlie D. Hayes

Roland M. Holley, S SGT, U.S. Marine Corps, Korea

Doris S. Johnson and J. Cleo Johnson

Ethel M. Johnson and William Delmon Johnson

Hiram L. Johnson

William Demon Johnson, PFC, U.S. Army, World War II

Jack R. Kearns

Blake Lassiter, PFC, U.S. Army, World War II

Colleen D. Lassiter and W. Blake Lassiter

Fulton Hughes Lassiter

Glenn Lassiter

Johnny W. Lassiter

Joseph H. Lassiter and Neva Lassiter

Joseph H. Lassiter and Neva Lassiter

Ira S. Lawhon

Alice W. Lee and Robert A. Lee

Christine Allen Lee

Jasper Allen Lee

Lundy Eston Lee

Lundy Eston Lee, MSG, U.S. Army, Vietnam, Bronze Star Medal, Air Medal, Army Commenation Medal

Thomas Ruffin Lee, SSGT, U.S. Army, World War II

Massengill Headstone

Bobbie Gene Massengill

Martha Ann Massengill and William Riley Massengill

Bettie Pearl Parker Massengill

Billy Gray Massengill, U.S. Army

Billy Gray "Moe" Massengill

Bonnie Lou Massengill, Daughter of Ernie Massengill and Madie Massengill

Brian W. Massengill

Durwood R. "Charlie" Massengill

Era Mae Royals Massengill and Ransom Massengill

Madie Allen Massengill and Ernie Rufus Massengill

George Massengill and Mary Massengill

Gilbert Glenn Massengill and Lillian Vice Massengill

Gilbert Glenn Massengill, TSGT, U.S. Air Force, Vietnam

Ila. M. Massengill and Tommy Massengill

Ila. M. Massengill and Tommy Massengill

Katie B. Massengill and Charlie B. Massengill

Katie B. Massengill

Lillian Massengill and Gilbert Massengill

Lillian Pearl Massengill

Margaret P. Massengill and Richard Massengill

Mary Frances Massengill and George Henry Massengill

Mary Lee Massengill and Roby Massengill

Mary Lee Massengill and Roby Massengill

P. B. Massengill Jr., U.S. Army, Korea

Percy B. Massengill, PVT, 63 Depot Brigade, World War I

Roby Elwood "Woody" Massengill

Frances Lanell Massengill and Warren Gordon Massengill

Willie D. Massengill

Willie Massengill, T SGT, U.S. Army, World War II

Callie Mae B. Massengill and Warren G. Massengill

Ethel H. McLamb and Aaron D. McLamb

Linda C. McLamb

Lynwood McLamb

Bobby Gene Morgan Jr., SGT, U.S. Army

Erbie C. Norris

Ricky Maurice Norris

Allie E. Tart Nowell and William Jason Nowell

D. Leamon Nowell and Rena S. Nowell

David Justin Nowell

David Leamon Nowell, PVT, U.S. Army, World War II

Della M. Nowell and Rufus A. Nowell

Donald Ray "Cub" Nowell

Rena S. Nowell

Janice M. O'Neal

Janice Massengill O'Neal

India May Overby

Percy Bright Massengill and Bettie Pearl Parker Massengill

David Parrish

Carolyn Gail Lee Price

Rosey E. Massengill Dunn

Rebecca B. Rouse

Hildo O. Smith and James Graylon Smith

Daphne Maxine Snead

Dorothy W. Snead and G. Frank Snead

Ethel Lee Sorey

Lloyd R. Stanley Jr.

Lloyd R. Stanley Jr.

Lois A. Stanley

Roby Stanley, PVT, U.S. Army, World War II

Roby Stanley

Ruby Parker Stanley and Walter Gerald Stanley

Ruby Parker Stanley and Walter Gerald Stanley

Ruby T. Stanley and Willie E. Stanley

Sally Parker Stanley and Walter Noah Stanley

W. Keith Stanley

Bobby Ray Strickland, PVT, U.S. Army, Vietnam

Lillie B. Strickland

C. P. "Pete" Thompson and Evely "Kitty" H. Thompson

Cooper Person Thompson and Ella Mae Lee Thompson

Nellie Thompson and Willie Thompson

William Hubert Thompson

William Hubert Thompson

Nellie F. Thompson and Rev. Willie J. Thompson

Christine Lee Tillett

Christine Lee Tillett and Daniel A. Tillett

Merlene T. Toole and Randy E. Toole

Esther L. Worrells and Willie O. Worrells
"Faith Free Will Baptist Church" Cemetery
Known/Suspected cemeteries in the Ingrams Township
Unidentified cemeteries in the Ingrams Township from Johnston County GIS

CAUTION: Every effort has been made to verify the cemetery information provided above.

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Passed away on 15 July 2015

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