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Shown below is an index of over 900 African-American sailors who were born in North Carolina and fought in the Civil War on the Union side. Detailed information can be found at the Soldiers and Sailors Database.

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Name Birthplace Occupation Age
Walker, Jerome Currituck County 22
Walker, John NC Laborer 19
Walker, Luke NC 51
Walker, Willis Currituck County 23
Wallace, Ezekiel Beaufort None 25
Wallace, William NC None 20
Waller, Edward NC Fireman 33
Walton, John New Bern 21
Walton, Merida Bertie County Farmer 15
Ward, Andrew NC 21
Ward, James Wake County Blacksmith 39
Ward, Nelson New Bern None 35
Ware, William Missrelbow None 18
Warren, William NC None 18
Wartford, Cassius Bertie County 37
Washington, George New Bern Laborer 20
Washington, George Anderson Farmer 27
Washington, George NC 30
Washington, Helen Beaufort Laborer 25
Washington, Jeremiah Beaufort Mason 27
Washington, Peter Straits Waterman 24
Waters, Frederick Wilmington Waiter 17
Watham, Eldridge Oxford Seaman/Turpentine Distiller 23
Watson, Abraham Bertie County Laborer 30
Watts, John W. NC 21
Weaver, Lawrence Eli Hertford County Laborer 18
Weaver, Thomas P. Chowan River None 21
Weaver, William Hertford County Painter 22
Weeks, Moses Elizabeth City Farmer 37
Weeks, William NC Laborer 21
Wells, Robert NC Laborer 23
Wesley, Charles Wilmington Mason 21
West, Abraham Weston Slave 27
West, Charles Camden County Farmer 20
Westcott, Benjamin Smithville 27
Weston, Slade New Bern Mariner/Laborer 21
Whedby, George Jones Neck Slave 27
Wheeler, Isaac NC None 40
Whibbey, Daniel Elizabeth City Laborer 22
Whibley, Samuel Elizabeth City Laborer/Coachman 21
Whitby, Providence Perquimans Farmer 22
White, Alexander Chowan County Servant 19
White, Allen Hertford County Laborer 22
White, Benjamin New Bern None 24
White, Charles Pasquotank County Carpenter/Laborer 28
White, Clinton Tarberry 46
White, Dorsey Chowan County Farmer 24
White, Drew Bertie County Laborer 18
White, Emanuel Street Hill None 22
White, Henry Plymouth Farmer/Farmhand 19
White, Henry Bertie County Laborer 22
White, Herman Elizabeth City Carpenter 34
White, Matthew New Bern Laborer/Painter 26
White, Stephen D. NC Fireman 33
White, Tony Bertie County Laborer 25
Whitehouse, Daniel Elizabeth City Carpenter/Laborer/Blacksmith 40
Whitehurst, Gabe Camden County Laborer 23
Whites, Thomas NC Laborer 28
Whitney, Lewis Pitt County Laborer 20
Wiggins, Henry New Bern Laborer 24
Wiggins, William Edenton Laborer 19
Wilkins, Samuel Hyde County Mariner 19
William, John NC None 24
Williams, Anderson NC Farmer 22
Williams, Andrew New Bern Seaman 20
Williams, Anthony NC Slave 23
Williams, Charles NC Laborer 23
Williams, Charles NC None 20
Williams, Charles Prince George County (VA) Waiter 19
Williams, Charles Prince George County (VA) Servant 19
Williams, Granville Washington Mariner 18
Williams, Henry New Bern Farmer 27
Williams, John Atonton Blacksmith 26
Williams, John NC Laborer 20
Williams, Lewis New Bern Servant 24
Williams, Robert Currituck Laborer 22
Williams, Solomon NC Farmer 22
Williams, Warren NC Laborer 23
Williams, Warren Camlen None 24
Williams, William Mason Hill Laborer 16
Williams, William NC Laborer 19
Williams, York Beaufort 20
Willis, Allen Newbern Cook 22
Willis, Munday NC None 39
Willis, William NC Slave 20
Wilson, J. H. Wilmington Cook & Steward 29
Wilson, Jacob Bertie County Laborer/Farmer/Cook 25
Wilson, James H. New Bern Steward 29
Wilson, John Elizabeth City Slave 40
Wilson, Julius C. New Bern Laborer/Tobacconist 18
Wilson, Norflit Bertie County Laborer 30
Winns, Moses Tyrrell County Laborer 16
Winslow, Joseph Gates County Farmer 40
Wood, David NC None 30
Wood, Henry Elizabeth City Baker 24
Wood, James Northampton County None 36
Wood, John NC None 12
Wood, Michael Bertie County Farmhand/Laborer 20
Wood, William Hertford County Farmer 30
Woodruff, James NC Farmer 19
Worlds, George D. Halifax County Steward 38

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