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Birth: 17 Oct 1918
Death: 1965
Comments: NC Sgt 22 Bomb Tng Wg AAF WW2
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Selma Memorial Gardens Cemetery
Cemetery: Selma Memorial Gardens Cemetery
Township: Selma, Johnston County
Full Survey: 1979
Last Update: 2013
Known Graves: 937
Births: 1872 - 1979
Deaths: 1875 - 2012
Surnames: Abdalla, Adams, Albright, Anderson, Arrington, Atkinson, Attayek, Avera, Avery, Bailey, Barbee, Barber, Barbour, Barden, Barnes, Bass, Batten, Beasley, Bell, Benjamin, Berrier, Bizzell, Black, Bond, Booker, Boone, Bowen, Boykin, Bradshaw, Branch, Brannan, Brantley, Braswell, Bridges, Brinkley, Broadwell, Broughton, Brown, Bryant, Bunn, Burns, Buswell, Butts, Byrd, Campbell, Canady, Capps, Carmichail, Carpenter, Carroll, Chestnut, Clark, Coates, Cole, Coley, Collins, Cook, Cooke, Cooper, Corbett, Cox, Creech, Crocker, Crumpler, Cuddington, Darden, Daughtry, Davis, Dazey, Deans, Dees, Dego, Delahooke, Denning, Diehl, Dildy, Dixon, Duncan, Dunn, Earp, Eason, Edgerton, Edwards, Efird, Evans, Farmer, Fields, Fishburne, Fleming, Flowers, Foster, Fowler, Frazier, Freeman, Furman, Futch, Gaddies, Game, Gardner, Garner, Gay, Glover, Godwin, Gordon, Grant, Grantham, Green, Greene, Grice, Griffin, Griffis, Griswold, Gurley, Hagans, Hale, Haley, Hall, Ham, Hamilton, Hamn, Harper, Hartley, Hatcher, Hawkins, Hawley, Helm, Hicks, Hilburn, Hines, Hinnant, Hinton, Hobbs, Hodges, Holden, Holland, Holloman, Holt, Hood, House, Howell, Hughes, Ivey, Jackson, Jeffreys, Jenkins, Jennette, Jernigan, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Joyner, Kelly, King, Kornegay, Kraft, Lamm, Lane, Langley, Lassiter, Lawson, Lee, Leech, Lewis, Little, Littleton, Liverman, Lofton, Long, Manning, Martin, Massengill, McClain, McClure, McCullers, McDaniels, McDuffie, McGee, McIver, McKay, McKeel, McLamb, McLemore, McMillan, McNiell, McSwane, Medlin, Mials, Michaels, Mickens, Miller, Mitchell, Mitchner, Moore, Moreadith, Morris, Mozingo, Mullins, Mumford, Munns, Murphy, Murray, Muse, Myatt, Narron, Nevell, Newsome, Nichols, Nixon, Norman, Norris, Nowell, Ogburn, Oliver, O'Neal, Overman, Owens, Pace, Parker, Parrish, Pearce, Peedin, Pender, Pernell, Perry, Peterson, Phelps, Phillips, Phipps, Pinder, Pittman, Poole, Powell, Price, Prince, Pulley, Quattlebaum, Radford, Raynor, Reaves, Reid, Renfrow, Revell, Revells, Revels, Rhue, Rice, Richardson, Ricks, Robbins, Robertson, Rollins, Rose, Royce, Russ, Sanders, Saunders, Scarborough, Scott, Seawell, Sellars, Shallington, Shearon, Sherrod, Simmons, Simms, Simpson, Singletary, Skinner, Smith, Soard, Spencer, Spicer, Stacker, Stallings, Stancil, Stanley, Starling, Stevens, Stokes, Stowe, Strickland, Stuart, Suggs, Sullivan, Surles, Surrett, Sykes, Tant, Taylor, Terrell, Thomas, Thompson, Toler, Torrence, Underhill, Vandiford, Vann, Vause, Vick, Walker, Wall, Walton, Ward, Warren, Watkins, Watson, Webb, Webster, Wellons, White, Whitley, Wiggins, Wiggs, Wilkins, Wille, Williams, Williamson, Wilson, Wood, Woodall, Woodard, Woodruff, Wooten, Worlds, Worley, Worrell, Worrells, Wright, Yarborough, Yellowdy, Yelverton
Condition: Very Well Kept
Location: 35.526494,-78.298504
JCGHS*: #0418 - At the intersection of Hwy 301 and Hwy 70A, across the highway from the Parrish funeral home.
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