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Shown below is an index of original Johnston County wills which are physically located (not online) at the North Carolina Archives [C.R. 050.801.1-11] and cover the time period of 1760 through 1922. Additional wills can be found on microfilm at the Archives.

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Name Year
Jackson, James 1831
Jelks, Lemuel 1805
Jenkins, Isaac 1862
Jernigan, Ann 1793
Jernigan, Henry 1781
Jernigan, Jasper 1787
Jernigan, Jerusha 1868
Jernigan, Joseph J. 1868
Jernigan, William 1782
Jernigan, William 1784
Johnson, 1769
Johnson, Abel 1820
Johnson, Allen 1871
Johnson, Allen D. 1855
Johnson, Amos 1824
Johnson, Amos 1873
Johnson, Ary 1896
Johnson, B. F. 1880
Johnson, Elizabeth 1790
Johnson, Emma 1895
Johnson, Esther 1823
Johnson, Gilley 1894
Johnson, Harry 1900
Johnson, Henry 1807
Johnson, Isaac 1823
Johnson, James Sr. 1839
Johnson, James H. 1890
Johnson, John 1780
Johnson, Josiah 1852
Johnson, Littleton 1821
Johnson, Lucy 1862
Johnson, Lucy C. 1893
Johnson, Moses 1804
Johnson, Nancy 1885
Johnson, Polly Jerrott 1825
Johnson, Sill 1763
Johnson, Sill 1832
Johnson, Solloman 1812
Johnson, Starling 1891
Johnson, Thenny 1824
Johnson, Thomas 1781
Johnson, Thomas 1829
Johnson, Travis 1790
Johnson, William 1864
Johnson, Willie 1855
Jones, Annie E. 1894
Jones, Barsheba 1772
Jones, Burrell 1804
Jones, Burrell 1820
Jones, Delia 1889
Jones, E. H. 1896
Jones, Elizabeth 1848
Jones, Isaac Sr. 1817
Jones, Isaac W. 1895
Jones, James A. 1882
Jones, John 1850
Jones, Joshua 1869
Jones, Nathaniel 1829
Jones, Philip 1761
Jones, Ridley P. 1900
Jones, Samuel 1885
Jones, Simon 1878
Jones, Wilie 1869
Jones, William 1844
Jones, Willis 1818
Jordan, Henry 1820
Jordan, Matthew 1849
Jordan, Nicholas 1841
Joyner, Elizabeth 1892
Joyner, John 1849
Joyner, John J. 1865
Joyner, W. R. 1901

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