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1784-1787 State Census
No Results found
1790 Federal Census
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1800 Federal Census
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1810 Federal Census
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1820 Federal Census *
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1830 Federal Census *
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1840 Federal Census *
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1860 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Waddell, Infant
0 White Female 592 Beulah
Woodall, Ira
24 White Male 496 Elevation
Woodall, Isom
26 White Male 496 Elevation
1870 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Whitfield, Issubeller
40 Black Female 120 Selma
Whitley, Ida
7 White Female 206 Smithfield
Whitley, Ida
2 White Female 241 Boon Hill
Whitley, Irene
5 White Female 106 Wilders
Whitley, Isaac
13 Black Male 196 Smithfield
Whitley, Isabella
1 Black Female 136 Wilders
Whitley, Vida I.
1 White Female 226 Smithfield
Woodall, Icham
36 White Male 144 Elevation
Woodall, Ida
2 White Female 141 Elevation
Woodall, Ira
6 White Male 228 Ingrams
Woodall, Isaac
18 Black Male 216 Smithfield
1880 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Whitfield, Isabel
57 Black Female 253 Selma
Whitley, Ida
3 Black Female 175 North Smithfield
Whitley, Ida
1 White Female 113 O'Neals
Whitley, Ida L.
11 White Female 448 Boon Hill
Whitley, Irino
3 Black Female 158 North Smithfield
Whitley, Ivan
5 White Male 216 Wilders
Woodall, Ida H.
12 White Female 319 Elevation
Woodall, Ira Seth
7 White Male 130 Elevation
Woodall, Isham
46 White Male 130 Elevation
1900 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Waddell, Hazel I.
15 White Female 193 Selma
Waddell, Ida
20 White Female 210 Selma
White, Isadora P.
12 Black Female 113 Smithfield
Whitfield, Isabella
78 Black Female 132 Beulah
Whitfield, Isabella
15 Black Female 101 Beulah
Whitley, Ida
3 White Female 192 O'Neals
Whitley, Ida
12 Black Female 320 O'Neals
Whitley, Ida B.
36 White Female 194 Selma
Whitley, Ida L.
31 White Female 252 Boon Hill
Whitley, Ida V.
10 White Female 194 Selma
Whitley, Iola
1 Black Female 11 Clayton
Whitley, Ira C.
4 White Male 384 Smithfield
Whitley, Isaac
17 Black Male 126 Selma
Whitley, Isaac
17 White Male 191 O'Neals
Whitley, Willfred I.
24 White Male 77 Clayton
Whittenton, B. Isham
8 White Male 171 Banner
Woodall, I. Chick
13 White Male 230 Banner
Woodall, I. Seth
27 White Male 230 Banner
Woodall, Ianna
12 White Female 159 Elevation
Woodall, Ida B.
17 White Female 49 Cleveland
Woodall, Ilar
1 White Female 174 Elevation
Woodall, Ina I.
13 White Female 60 Smithfield
Woodall, Isham
66 White Male 230 Banner
Woodall, William I.
6 White Male 185 Cleveland
Woodall, William I.
15 White Male 163 Elevation
1910 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Waddell, Ida
32 White Female 112 Selma
Whitfield, Ida
3 Black Female 45 Beulah
Whitfield, Isabella
88 Black Female 235 Beulah
Whitfield, Isiac
27 Black Male 72 Smithfield
Whitley, Daisy I.
12 White Female 199 Cleveland
Whitley, Ianthe
19 White Female 381 Wilders
Whitley, Ida
2/3/1900 Black Female 256 O'Neals
Whitley, Ida B.
46 White Female 16 Selma
Whitley, Ida M
13 White Female 2 Wilders
Whitley, Iola
9 Black Female 118 Wilders
Whitley, Irdine
1/9/1900 Black Female 12 Clayton
Whitley, Irene
1/2/1900 White Female 439 Smithfield
Whitley, Irma
1/3/1900 White Female 439 Smithfield
Whitley, Irma
9 Black Female 71 Smithfield
Whitley, Isaac
26 White Male 4 Wilders
Whitley, Isaac
1/24/1900 Black Male 163 Boon Hill
Whitley, Isadora
16 Black Female 86 Smithfield
Whitley, Isiac
2/21/1900 Black Male 421 Smithfield
Whitley, Ivy M.
3 White Female 104 Selma
Whitley, John I.
36 White Male 206 Wilders
Whitley, W. I.
2/2/1900 White Male 70 Clayton
Woodall, Ida
4/12/2012 White Female 86 Banner
Woodall, Ida B.
25 White Female 114 Cleveland
Woodall, Ila V.
9/12/2012 White Female 104 Elevation
Woodall, Isham
1/7/1900 White Male 112 Banner
Woodall, Lucy Ila
11 White Female 43 Elevation
Woodall, William I.
15 White Male 198 Cleveland
Woodall, William I.
25 White Male 209 Banner
1920 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Waddell, Ida
41 White Female 34 Selma
Waddell, Ida R.
41 White Female 45 Selma
White, Ida Mae
20 White Female 21 Beulah
White, Madie I.
5 Black Female 61 Meadow
Whitley, Edith I.
5 White Female 3 Smithfield
Whitley, Ianthe
30 White Female 32 Wilders
Whitley, Ida
47 Black Female 343 Selma
Whitley, Ida
6 Black Female 44 Selma
Whitley, Ida B.
57 White Female 27 Selma
Whitley, Ira C.
22 White Male 284 Smithfield
Whitley, Irene
9 Black Female 401 Smithfield
Whitley, Irian
12 White Female 285 Smithfield
Whitley, Irine
6 Black Female 93 Smithfield
Whitley, Isaac
60 Black Male 217 Smithfield
Whitley, Isack
13 Black Male 54 Boon Hill
Whitley, Isaiah
Black Male 309 Smithfield
Whitley, Isiaih
37 White Male 194 Wilders
Whitley, Ivan
43 White Male 105 Clayton
Whitley, Ivey M.
12 White Female 111 Selma
Whitley, Izora
21 Black Female 137 Wilson's Mills
Whitley, Jannie I.
45 White Male 33 Wilders
Whitley, John I.
Mulatto Male 344 Clayton
Whitley, Lillie I.
28 Black Female 93 Smithfield
Whittaker, Ida L.
8 White Female 230 O'Neals
Woodall, Ila
20 White Female 295 Smithfield
Woodall, Ila V.
10 White Female 286 Pleasant Grove
Woodall, Iola
White Female 270 Boon Hill
Woodall, Ira
35 White Male 30 Banner
Woodall, Iva Bell
White Female 43 Elevation
Woodall, Mozell I.
White Female 214 Pleasant Grove
Woodall, Rubie I.
12 White Female 59 Smithfield
1930 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Waddell, Ida R.
51 White Female 262 Selma
Whitaker, Irine
29 White Female 382 Selma
White, Annie I.
8 Black Female 117 Banner
White, Ina M.
30 White Female 103 Beulah
Whitley, Ianthe
40 White Female 172 Wilders
Whitley, Ida
13 Black Female 315 Wilders
Whitley, Inez
17 Black Female 218 Boon Hill
Whitley, Inez
27 Black Female 001 Clayton
Whitley, Ira C.
33 White Male 077 Wilson's Mills
Whitley, Irene
3 White Female 099 O'Neals
Whitley, Irene
15 White Female 129 Smithfield
Whitley, Irene
22 White Female 232 Smithfield
Whitley, Isaac
65 Black Male 342 Smithfield
Whitley, Isaac
10 Black Male 303 Smithfield
Whitley, Isac
47 White Male 207 Wilders
Whitley, Iva M.
17 Black Female 278 Boon Hill
Whitley, Mattie I.
25 White Female 074 Beulah
Whitley, May I.
44 White Female 310 Wilders
Whitley, Wilfored I.
53 White Male 002 Clayton
Whitly, Inomia
23 Black Female 168 O'Neals
Woodall, Clara I.
13 White Female 179 Elevation
Woodall, Iola
14 White Female 207 Boon Hill
Woodall, Ira
44 White Male 193 Elevation
Woodall, Ira S.
57 White Male 032 Banner
Woodall, Isham C.
43 White Male 032 Banner
Woodall, Iva B.
13 White Female 004 Cleveland
Woodall, Maggie I.
1+2/12 White Female 196 Pleasant Grove
Woodall, Mary I.
20 White Female 004 Ingrams
1940 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Whitaker, Irene S.
39 White Female 2 Selma
White, Ina
38 White Female 82 Beulah
Whitley, Adam III
15 White Male 292 Smithfield
Whitley, Inez
24 White Female 35 Smithfield
Whitley, Inez
20 Black Female 106 Wilders
Whitley, Inthe
50 White Female 88 Wilders
Whitley, Ira C.
43 White Male 37 Wilson's Mills
Whitley, Irene
27 White Female 288 Smithfield
Whitley, Irene
14 White Female 165 Micro
Whitley, Irene
28 White Female 283 Smithfield
Whitley, Irene W.
35 White Female 281 Beulah
Whitley, Irving
8 Black Male 106 Wilders
Whitley, Isaac
57 White Male 244 Wilders
Whitley, Iveny
25 Black Female 150 O'Neals
Whitley, John Irvin
66 White Male 74 Smithfield
Whitley, W. Ivan
64 White Male 102 Clayton
Whitman, Inez
21 White Female 64 Micro
Woodall, Irene
27 White Female 195 Elevation
Woodall, Irma
30 White Female 456 Selma
Bastardy Bonds
Father's Name Mother's Name Date
Woodall, Isaac Moore, Betsy 25 Apr 1877
Woodall, Isaac Sanders, Gracy 20 Mar 1875
NC Yearbooks
No Results found
No Results found
NC Civil War Soldiers Index *
Name Unit Comp Rank Side
Whirton, H. I. 22nd Regiment, NC Infantry K Private C
Whisenhunt, Isaac 3rd Regiment, NC Cavalry F Private C
Whitaker, I. H. 56th Regiment, NC Infantry I Private C
Whitaker, Isaac 5th Regiment, NC Senior Reserves C Private C
Whitaker, Isaac 53rd Regiment, NC Infantry E Private C
Whitaker, Isaac D. 66th Regiment, NC Infantry A Sergeant C
Whitaker, Isaac D. 13th Battalion, NC Infantry A Corporal C
Whitaker, Isaiah 54th Regiment, NC Infantry H Private C
Whitaker, Isaiah 2nd Battalion, NC Infantry B Private C
White, I. F. 58th Regiment, NC Infantry G Private C
White, I. O. 8th Regiment, NC Infantry I Private C
White, Ira P. 25th Regiment, NC Infantry C Private C
White, Isaac 58th Regiment, NC Infantry E Private C
White, Isaac 20th Regiment, NC Infantry G Private C
White, Isaac A. Walker's Battalion, Thomas' NC Legion F Private C
White, Isaac N. 11th Regiment, NC Infantry (Bethel Regiment) F Corporal C
White, Isaiah 27th Regiment, NC Infantry F Private C
White, Isham 12th Regiment, NC Infantry E Private C
White, Israel P. 8th Regiment, NC Infantry I Private C
White, Israel P. 32nd Regiment, NC Infantry (Lenoir Braves) B Private C
Whiteaker, I. T. 16th Regiment, NC Infantry I Sergeant C
Whitehead, W. I. 17th Regiment, NC Infantry (2nd Organization) F Private C
Whither, Isaac 53rd Regiment, NC Infantry E Private C
Whithurst, William I. 33rd Regiment, NC Infantry B Private C
Whitker, Isaeeir 2nd Battalion, NC Infantry B Private C
Whittington, I. 7th Regiment, NC Infantry A Private C
Woodall, I. A. 24th Regiment, NC Infantry I Private C
Woodall, Ira F. 24th Regiment, NC Infantry I Captain C
* All North Carolina soldiers (Union and Confederate) who fought in the Civil War.
NC Civil War Sailors Index *
No Results found
Southern Claims Commission
No Results found
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Cemetery Graves
Name Birth Death Cemetery
Waddell, Ina Rains 1878 1930 Greenwood
Waddell, Infant 1914 Pittman, Harrison
Waddell, Infant 1913 Pittman, Harrison
Waddell, Infant Waddell/Bass
White, I Alton 1904 1976 Selma Memorial Gardens
White, Infant 1942 1942 Watson
Whitford, Infant Kemple, Konrad
Whitley, Char Ie 1915 1980 Cattail Community
Whitley, Hilda Irene 1869 1876 Whitley, William H.
Whitley, Ida B 1863 1927 Greenwood
Whitley, Infant 1904 1904 Pittman, Thomas
Whitley, Infant 1937 Creech's Primative Baptist Church
Whitley, Infant 1924 Batten, Robert
Whitley, Infant 1916 Creech's Primative Baptist Church
Whitley, Infant 1890 1890 Whitley, William H.
Whitley, Infant 1914 1914 Creech's Primative Baptist Church
Whitley, Infant 1883 1883 Whitley, William H.
Whitley, Infant Creech's Primative Baptist Church
Whitley, Infant Hatcher, Charlie
Whitley, Infant Wilson's Mills Community
Whitley, Infant 1923 1923 Batten, Robert
Whitley, Ira Casey 1896 1959 Sunset Memorial Park
Whitley, Isaac 1884 1960 Friendship Free Will Baptist Church
Whitley, Issie Spell 1889 1969 Princeton
Whitley, John Irvin Woodard, Berry (B&W)
Whitley, Vida Irene 1869 1876 Whitley, William H.
Whitley, W Ivan 1876 1949 Clayton City
Whittenton, Infant 1901 1901 Benson City
Whittenton, Infant 1903 Benson City
Whittington, Infant 1927 Benson City
Whittington, Infant 1937 1937 Benson City
Whittington, Infant 1929 1929 Benson City
Woodall, Inez S 1928 2015 Dixon, Richard S.
Woodall, Infant 1917 1917 Woodall, L. B.
Woodall, Infant 1884 Riverside
Woodall, Infant 1901 Woodall/Wheeler
Woodall, Infant 1914 1914 Benson City
Woodall, Infant Richardson, Alford
Woodall, Infant 1935 1935 Little Memorial
Woodall, Infant Boy 1949 1949 Barbour's Chapel Advent Christian Church
Woodall, Infant Girl 1947 Barbour's Chapel Advent Christian Church
Woodall, Ira 1885 1933 Woodall/Wheeler
Woodall, Ira Leonard 1902 1969 Sanders Chapel
Woodall, Isham Burton 1902 1919 Benson City
NC Confederate Soldiers Burial Database*
Name Death County Cemetery
White, Isaac A. 1864 Gaston Long Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Whitehead, James Isaac 1872 New Hanover Oakdale Cemetery
* Records are still being added.
Wills Index *
No Results found
Other Resources
Surname Resource Title
Whitley Articles & Publications 1858 - Kadar Whitley's Mill Burned
Whitley Bibles Needham Whitley Bible Record
Whitley Bibles Needham L. Z. T. Whitley Family Bible Records
Whitley Bibles Robert Macon Whitley Family Bible Records
Whitley Bibles Needham Whitley Family Bible Records
Whitfield Deaths & Obituaries Sir Wm. Whitfield, 1810
Whitley Deaths & Obituaries John Whitley, 1819
Whitley Deaths & Obituaries D.H. Whitley, 1860
Whitley Deaths & Obituaries T. W. Whitley, 1860
Whittley Deaths & Obituaries J.M. Whittley Sons, 1861
Woodall Deaths & Obituaries Jacob Woodall Sr., 1850
Woodall-Rose Deeds James Woodall Sr. to Benjamin Rose, 1815
Woodall-Rose Deeds Martin Woodall to Benjamin Rose, 1815
Waddell-Whitley Marriages Col T. Waddell to Marsaline Whitley, 1854
White-Morgan Marriages Henry White & Viola Morgan, 1920
Whitfield Military William Whitfield's Company
White Wills & Estates Saul White - 1806
Whitley Wills & Estates Esther Whitley - 1825
Whitliff Wills & Estates John Whitliff
Whittington Wills & Estates Richard Whittington - 1819
Woodall Wills & Estates James Woodall - 1833
Surname Researchers
Surname Counties Date Range Researcher
WhitePerquimans, Johnstion Gary Corbett
WhitleyWake, Johnston1750 - 1850 Clois Richardson
Whittaker Lynn Whitaker
Whittington Sylvia Stephens
WhittingtonJohnston, Harnett, Cumberland1700's - 1900's Auburn Hall
Woodall Sylvia Stephens
WoodallJohnston1900's Freda Brock
Woodle Freda Robertson Noble
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