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1784-1787 State Census
No Results found
1790 Federal Census
No Results found
1800 Federal Census
No Results found
1810 Federal Census
No Results found
1820 Federal Census *
No Results found
1830 Federal Census *
Name M00 M05 M10 M15 M20 M30 M40 M50 M60 M70+
Barber, James K. 1 1
* Missing Categories - Free white women, free colored persons, slaves, foreigners and blind, deaf & dumb
1840 Federal Census *
No Results found
1860 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Barber, Kimmons
21 White Male 340 Smithfield
Barber, Kinchen
11 White Male 544 Leachburg
1870 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Barber, Kirchen
21 White Male 88 Elevation
Barefield, Kepsey
30 Black Female 256 Smithfield
Barefoot, Kizza
35 Black Female 205 Meadow
Barnes, Kane
23 Black Male 5 Wilders
1880 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Barber, Ellin K.
3 White Female 70 Elevation
Barber, K. L.
31 White Male 74 Town of Smithfield
Barber, Kimons
41 White Male 177 Elevation
Barefoot, Kitsey
48 White Female 110 Meadow
Barefoot, Kitsey T.
10 White Female 110 Meadow
Barfield, Kissey
50 Black Female 288 Selma
1900 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Barber, Kelley J.
12 White Female 230 Smithfield
Barbour, Bertha K
12 White Female 50 Elevation
Barbour, Katie E.
11 White Female 112 Elevation
Barbour, Kin---
62 White Male 139 Elevation
Barbour, Kinchen
51 White Male 22 Ingrams
Barbour, Kittie
12 White Female 294 Elevation
Barefoot, Keze L. J.
29 White Female 9 Meadow
Barefoot, Kitsey
68 White Female 12 Meadow
Barfield, Katie
15 Black Female 98 Smithfield
Barfield, Kizzie
50 Black Female 207 Selma
Barnes, Karl
7 White Male 234 Wilders
Barnes, Kizzie
50 Black Female 276 Beulah
1910 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Barber, Keifer
1/5/1900 White Male 120 Elevation
Barber, Kenneth P.
9 White Male 111 Cleveland
Barbour, Kinchen L.
62 White Male 27 Ingrams
Barbur, Kate
6 White Female 130 Elevation
Barbur, Kimons
72 White Male 54 Elevation
Barbur, Kittie
9 White Female 17 Elevation
Barbur, Kittie
18 White Female 122 Elevation
Barden, Kate
7 White Female 13 Beulah
Barefoot, Fredie K.
1/11/1900 White Male 80 Meadow
Barefoot, Kitsey E.
2/4/1900 White Female 31 Banner
Barnes, Jesse K.
1/15/1900 White Male 626 Smithfield
Barnes, Kit
2/17/1900 White Male 156 Banner
Barnes, Kizzie
2/28/1900 Black Female 252 Beulah
1920 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Barber, Katie
40 White Female 332 Selma
Barber, Kattie
16 White Female 13 Banner
Barber, Kermet T.
White Male 28 Elevation
Barber, Kimmons
81 White Male 96 Elevation
Barber, Kittie
29 White Female 142 Elevation
Barbour, K. L.
71 White Male 110 Ingrams
Barbour, K. Preston
38 White Male 107 Clayton
Barden, Katie
17 White Female 14 Micro
Barefoot, Katie
25 White Female 175 Banner
Barefoot, Kovis
4 White Male 240 Ingrams
Barnes, Kathleen
White Female 32 Beulah
1930 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Barber, Bertha K.
41 White Female 186 Elevation
Barber, Katherine
67 White Female 234 Elevation
Barber, Mattie K.
11 White Female 180 Elevation
Barber, Thadius K.
17 White Male 146 Elevation
Barbour, Howard K.
3+4/12 White Male 044 Pleasant Grove
Barbour, Katie
19 Black Female 251 Clayton
Barbour, Kennith
23 White Male 094 Elevation
Barbour, Kermit
10 White Male 094 Elevation
Barefoot, Fred K.
31 White Male 193 Meadow
Barefoot, Kattie V.
11 White Female 077 Ingrams
Barefoot, Kitsy
26 White Female 104 Meadow
Barefoot, Kizzie L.
11/12 White Female 129 Meadow
Barham, Kathaleen
1 White Female 086 Beulah
Barnes, Jessie K.
35 White Male 430 Smithfield
Barnes, Katherine D.
9 White Female 104 Beulah
Barnes, Kenneth R.
4+5/12 White Male 047 Beulah
Barnes, King D.
11 Black Male 117 Smithfield
Barnes, Kitie
35 White Female 018 Micro
Barnes, Kittie R.
1+1/12 White Female 430 Smithfield
Barnes, Kizzie
79 Black Female 007 Beulah
Barnes, Marie K.
34 White Female 104 Beulah
1940 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Barbour, Kate T.
26 Black Female 256 Clayton
Barbour, Kay Frances
36 White Female 395 Ingrams
Barbour, Kay Frances
5 White Female 133 Smithfield
Barbour, Keneth
10 White Male 25 Selma
Barbour, Kenneth
10 White Male 38 Ingrams
Barbour, Kenneth
4 White Male 62 Elevation
Barbour, Kenneth
13 White Male 191 Beulah
Barbour, Kermit
20 White Male 73 Elevation
Barbour, Roger K.
3 White Male 271 Cleveland
Barefoot, Kitty
20 White Female 206 Meadow
Barefoot, Osmyn K.
16 White Male 24 Meadow
Barnes, Daniel K.
32 White Male 5 Wilders
Barnes, Jessie K.
45 White Male 172 Smithfield
Barnes, Katherine
10 Black Female 290 Pine Level
Barnes, Katherine
19 White Female 70 Beulah
Barnes, Kathryn
9 White Female 274 Smithfield
Barnes, Kay Frances
3 White Female 267 Pleasant Grove
Barnes, Kaye
5 Black Female 165 O'Neals
Barnes, Keith
14 White Female 11 Beulah
Barnes, Kenneth
14 White Male 1 Beulah
Barnes, Kiddie
46 White Female 18 Beulah
Barnes, Kitty
12 White Female 172 Smithfield
Bastardy Bonds
Father's Name Mother's Name Date
Sanders, Richmond Barfield, Keziah 26 May 1868
NC Yearbooks
Name Year Class School
Barnes, Kenneth Clarke 1940 Senior Brevard College
No Results found
NC Civil War Soldiers Index *
Name Unit Comp Rank Side
Barber, K. 2nd Regiment, NC Junior Reserves H Private C
Barber, Kimmans 24th Regiment, NC Infantry I Private C
Barefoot, Kenyon 2nd Regiment, NC Artillery A Private C
Barefoot, Kinion Moseley's Company, NC Artillery (Sampson Artillery) Private C
Barham, W. K. 32nd Regiment, NC Infantry (Lenoir Braves) K Private C
Barham, William K. 15th Regiment, NC Infantry L Private C
Barker, Benjamin K. 1st Regiment, NC Infantry (6 months, 1861) A Private C
Barnett, Richard K. 55th Regiment, NC Infantry D Private C
* All North Carolina soldiers (Union and Confederate) who fought in the Civil War.
NC Civil War Sailors Index *
No Results found
Southern Claims Commission
No Results found
No Results found
Cemetery Graves
Name Birth Death Cemetery
Barbee, Aubrey Karl 1930 Oakland Presbyterian Church
Barber, Kenneth Pou 1901 1956 Barber, B. T.
Barbour, Charles Kevin 1968 1977 Oakland
Barbour, Hezzie K 1896 1972 Roselawn
Barbour, Irma Keene 1911 1973 Dunn, Dicey
Barbour, K L 1849 1920 Keen, George
Barbour, Kater Preston 1879 1946 Clayton City
Barbour, Kenith 1921 Benson Grove Baptist Church
Barbour, Mary King 1904 1967 Barbour's Chapel Advent Christian Church
Barefoot, Annie K Beasley 1907 1939 Barefoo
Barefoot, Bertha K 1897 1974 Barefoot, Pink
Barefoot, Katie 1893 1894 Bethsaida Primative Baptist Church
Barefoot, Kevin Crowley 1971 1971 Johnson/Lee
Barefoot, Kilty Winifred Johnson 1918 1995 Roselawn
Barefoot, Kissey C 1885 1910 Beulah Church
Barefoot, Thenie K 1894 1975 Barefoot/McLamb
Barnes, Jessie K 1895 1951 Barnes/Price
Barnes, Jessie Kitty 1895 1951 Barnes/Price
Barnes, Karen A 1956 White Oak Baptist Church
Barnes, Knox 1889 1905 Clayton City
Barnes, Laura Kitchen 1853 1928 White Oak Baptist Church
Barnes, Marie Kirby 1894 1963 Kenly City
NC Confederate Soldiers Burial Database*
No Results found
Wills Index *
No Results found
Other Resources
Surname Resource Title
Ballard-Barham Bibles Ballard - Barham Family Bible Records
Barber Bibles Joseph W. and Emma Cousins Barber Family Bible Records
Barber Bibles N. B. and Laney Dixon Barber Family Bible Records
Barber Cemeteries Barber Family Cemetery
Barnes Court Records Jacob Barnes - Slave and Land Division, 1844
Barbour Deaths & Obituaries Smithy A. Godwin Barbour, 1919
Barbour Deaths & Obituaries Jackson S. Barbour, 1910
Barnes Deaths & Obituaries John M. Barnes, 1814
Barefoot-Rhodes Deeds Noah Barefoot to William Rhodes, 1777
Barber Wills & Estates Wilsey Barber - 1846
Surname Researchers
Surname Counties Date Range Researcher
Barbour (Barber) Sylvia Stephens
Barfield Chevella
BarhamJohnston, Wake1700's - early 1800's Warren Bagley
BarnesWayne1700's Patricia Godwin
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