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1784-1787 State Census
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1790 Federal Census
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1800 Federal Census
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1810 Federal Census
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1820 Federal Census *
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1830 Federal Census *
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1840 Federal Census *
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1860 Federal Census
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1870 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Surles, Leah
8 White Female 125 Meadow
Surles, Lorald
10 White Male 125 Meadow
1880 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Sherwood, Marry L.
20 White Female 292 Selma
1900 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Short, Lissa
6 Black Female 140 O'Neals
Short, Luther
1 Black Male 140 O'Neals
Surles, Lauretta
14 White Female 405 Banner
Surles, Lillie
4 White Female 223 Bentonville
Surles, Loyd
12 White Male 217 Banner
Surles, Lydia A.
30 White Female 142 Elevation
Surles, Per Lina
11 White Female 405 Banner
1910 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Sheard, Lizzie
32 Black Female 552 Selma
Short, Lessie P.
1/14/1900 Black Female 276 O'Neals
Short, Luther
1/12/1900 Black Male 276 O'Neals
Surles, Lecture E.
1/4/1900 White Female 179 Banner
Surles, Lettie J.
1/9/1900 White Female 179 Banner
Surles, Lilly
14 White Female 99 Bentonville
Surles, Lloyd
1/23/1900 White Male 177 Banner
Surles, Louie
2/3/1900 White Male 179 Banner
Surles, Louvenia
41 Black Female 18 Cleveland
Surles, Lucy
1/24/1900 White Female 138 Banner
Surles, Lula
2/3/1900 White Female 139 Banner
Surles, Lydia A.
2/11/1900 White Female 50 Elevation
1920 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Shread, Lizzie
42 Black Female 116 O'Neals
Surles, Lector
12 White Male 144 Banner
Surles, Leffie J.
18 White Female 144 Banner
Surles, Lucy
35 White Female 50 Banner
Surles, Lula
44 White Female 165 Banner
Surles, Lyda
50 White Female 174 Banner
1930 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Sheard, James L.
5 Black Male 214 Beulah
Sherrod, Lottie
21 Black Female 178 Selma
Short, Leonard
27 White Male 117 Selma
Short, Willie Lee
14 Black Male 205 O'Neals
Surl, Lois
5 White Female 269 Selma
Surl, Vera L.
16 White Female 269 Selma
Surles, Levenna
60 Black Female 182 Cleveland
Surles, Lucy
44 White Female 129 Banner
Surles, Lula
53 White Female 156 Banner
Surles, Lydia A.
61 White Female 071 Banner
1940 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Sheard, James L.
16 Black Male 97 Beulah
Sherrod, Leroy
21 Black Male 118 Wilders
Surcey, Laylon
7 White Female 218 Meadow
Surcy, Lee
8 White Male 41 Cleveland
Surcy, Lessie
23 White Female 205 Banner
Surles, Betty Louise
32 White Female 176 Elevation
Surles, Fannie L.
9 White Female 123 Banner
Surles, Lettie
70 White Female 164 Banner
Surles, Linsey
26 White Female 187 Beulah
Surles, Lonnie
63 White Male 53 Banner
Surles, Lucie
54 White Female 83 Banner
Surrett, Lewis E.
20 Black Male 250 Pine Level
Bastardy Bonds
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NC Yearbooks
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NC Civil War Soldiers Index *
Name Unit Comp Rank Side
Short, B. L. 1st Regiment, NC Infantry K Private C
Short, J. L. 23rd Regiment, NC Infantry G Private C
Suratt, Daniel L. 7th Regiment, NC Infantry F Private C
Surganis, L. 55th Regiment, NC Infantry H Private C
Surratt, Daniel L. 7th Regiment, NC Infantry F Private C
Surratt, Richard L. 6th Regiment, NC Senior Reserves C,F Captain C
* All North Carolina soldiers (Union and Confederate) who fought in the Civil War.
NC Civil War Sailors Index *
No Results found
Southern Claims Commission
No Results found
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Cemetery Graves
Name Birth Death Cemetery
Sherrod, Nicole Lee 1979 Selma Memorial Gardens
Surles, L Vivian 1912 1913 Dixon, Richard S.
Surles, Lizzie 1910 1912 Dixon, Richard S.
Surles, Loyd 1887 1912 Dixon, Richard S.
Surles, Lucy B 1886 1958 Dixon, Richard S.
Surles, Lula Austin 1876 1937 Elevation United Methodist Church
Surles, Lydia B 1868 1955 Dixon, Richard S.
Surrett, Louise E 1919 1975 Selma Memorial Gardens
NC Confederate Soldiers Burial Database*
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Wills Index *
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Other Resources
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Surname Researchers
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