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Search Results VERNON RICKS
All search results include:
  • Phonetic matches for the first/middle name ("Vernon") and last name ("Ricks")
  • 1-Character matches on the first and middle name ("V")
  • 3-Character matches on the last name ("Ric")
1784-1787 State Census
No Results found
1790 Federal Census
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1800 Federal Census
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1810 Federal Census
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1820 Federal Census *
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1830 Federal Census *
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1840 Federal Census *
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1860 Federal Census
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1870 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Richardson, Vicey
54 Black Female 107 Selma
Richardson, Vicey
5 Black Female 106 Selma
Richardson, Vicie
5 Black Female 63 Selma
Richardson, Vilet
40 Black Female 156 O'Neals
Richardson, Vina
50 Black Female 190 O'Neals
Richardson, Virginia
10 White Female 183 Wilders
1880 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Richardson, Vennis
24 Black Male 13 O'Neals
Richardson, Venus
10 Black Female 126 Beulah
Richardson, Vergenie
18 White Female 14 Wilders
Richardson, Viny
55 Black Female 355 O'Neals
Richardson, Viny
8 Black Female 115 O'Neals
Richardson, Visa A.
16 Black Female 125 Beulah
1900 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Richardson, Nellie V.
16 White Female 181 Selma
Richardson, Sadie V.
14 White Female 165 Beulah
Richardson, Vergin
22 Black Female 11 Wilson's Mills
Richardson, Verona
6 Black Female 269 Wilders
Richardson, Vicey A.
36 Black Female 9 Beulah
Rose, Herschell V.
13 White Male 67 Bentonville
Rose, Richard V.
15 White Male 242 Boon Hill
Rose, Valara G.
13 White Female 70 Bentonville
1910 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Richardson, Luther V.
29 White Male 16 Selma
Richardson, Maud V.
1/11/1900 Black Female 87 Boon Hill
Richardson, Sam V.
1/3/1900 Black Male 352 O'Neals
Richardson, Verona
15 White Female 4 Selma
Richardson, Virginia
29 Black Female 136 Wilson's Mills
Richerson, Viola
28 White Female 218 Beulah
Rose, Hershell V.
23 White Male 3 Bentonville
Rose, James V.
1/7/1900 White Male 70 Banner
Rose, Vanburan
2 White Male 61 Boon Hill
Rose, Verna
1/6/1900 White Female 482 Beulah
1920 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Richardson, Vaden
8 White Male 68 O'Neals
Richardson, Vera
Black Female 303 Clayton
Richardson, Viola
16 White Female 90 Wilders
Richardson, Virginia
40 Black Female 57 Wilson's Mills
Richson, Virginia
24 Black Female 215 Smithfield
Ricks, Vernon
4 White Male 18 Selma
Rose, Herschel V.
32 White Male 169 Smithfield
Rose, Richard V.
34 White Male 100 Boon Hill
Rose, Vegar
32 White Female 127 Bentonville
Rose, Verna
16 White Female 65 Beulah
Rose, Verna
16 White Female 120 Beulah
Rose, Virgi
1 White Female 105 Boon Hill
1930 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Richardson, Allie V.
6 Black Female 058 Wilson's Mills
Richardson, Mary V.
5 White Female 176 Wilders
Richardson, Sam V.
23 Black Male 125 O'Neals
Richardson, Vaiden
17 White Male 202 O'Neals
Richardson, Venora
24 Black Female 216 Beulah
Richardson, Vernell
8 Black Female 046 Wilson's Mills
Richardson, Virginia
50 Black Male 042 Wilson's Mills
Ricks, Vernon
14 White Male 224 Selma
Rose, R. V.
45 White Male 214 Boon Hill
Rose, Verda
7 White Female 258 Micro
Rose, Vergy P.
8 White Female 163 Beulah
Rose, Virgie
11 White Male 202 Boon Hill
Rose, Virginia
19 White Female 158 Beulah
1940 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Richardson, J. Vayden
27 White Male 106 O'Neals
Richardson, Valma
18 Black Female 27 O'Neals
Richardson, Vernell
7 Black Male 21 O'Neals
Richardson, Vertie
<1 Black Female 411 Selma
Richardson, Vester
9 Black Male 20 O'Neals
Richardson, Viola
59 White Female 328 Beulah
Richardson, Virginia
45 Black Female 34 Wilson's Mills
Richardson, Vonnie Jean
1 White Female 106 O'Neals
Richardson, Vyalse
16 Black Male 147 Wilders
Ricks, Vernon
23 White Male 292 Selma
Rosche, Viola
35 Black Female 298 O'Neals
Rose, Herschell V.
53 White Male 30 Smithfield
Rose, May Vee
6 White Female 77 O'Neals
Rose, Sherman V.
7 White Male 50 Smithfield
Rose, Vada L.
29 White Male 134 Beulah
Rose, Vara
36 White Female 125 Beulah
Rose, Verdie
18 White Female 313 Beulah
Rose, Virgeal Lee
21 White Male 169 Boon Hill
Bastardy Bonds
No Results found
NC Yearbooks
No Results found
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NC Civil War Soldiers Index *
Name Unit Comp Rank Side
Reece, John V. 25th Regiment, NC Infantry F Musician C
Reece, John V. 62nd Regiment, NC Infantry I Corporal C
Reece, M. V. 64th Regiment, NC Infantry (Allen's) D Fifer C
Rees, Martin V. 64th Regiment, NC Infantry (Allen's) D Fifer C
Reich, R. V. 57th Regiment, NC Infantry A Private C
Richardson, Alfred V. 45th Regiment, NC Infantry E Private C
Richardson, V. Unidentified NC Private C
Richardson, Van V. 18th Regiment, NC Infantry H Captain C
Richardson, Vinton 2nd Regiment, NC Junior Reserves A Private C
Richmond, Daniel V. 4th Regiment, NC Cavalry (59th NC State Troops) B Quartermaster Sergeant C
Ricks, Robert V. 55th Regiment, NC Infantry E Corporal C
Rike, Reuben V. 57th Regiment, NC Infantry A Private C
* All North Carolina soldiers (Union and Confederate) who fought in the Civil War.
NC Civil War Sailors Index *
No Results found
Southern Claims Commission
No Results found
No Results found
Cemetery Graves
Name Birth Death Cemetery
Rich, Fred V 1911 1928 Stewart, Peter
Richardson, Annie Viola 1917 1917 Corinth Baptist Church
Richardson, John Vaiden 1912 1965 Hales Chapel Baptist Church
Richardson, Viola Maude Sellars 1880 1955 Richardson, Alford
Ricks, Vernon G 1916 1978 Selma Memorial Gardens
Rose, Herschell Vaughn 1887 1959 Oakland
Rose, Richard V 1885 1936 Overbee, D. A.
Rose, Richard Vaden 1858 1910 Howell/Toler
Rose, Sarah V 1900 1975 Kenly City
Rose, Vegar Overbee Langley 1889 1951 Overbee, D. A.
Rose, Verdie A 1922 1941 Brown McCall
Rose, Virgil L 1918 2010 Princeton
Rose, Virginia Dare Oliver 1911 1999 Micro Memorial Gardens
Rose, Virginia Whicker 1920 1987 Rose, Henry G.
NC Confederate Soldiers Burial Database*
No Results found
Wills Index *
No Results found
Other Resources
Surname Resource Title
Rose Bibles William & Kezia Rose Family Bible
Rose Bibles Tobias Rose Family Bible
Richardson Biographies Lunsford Richardson II, 1854-1919
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Rose Court Records Nicholas Rose, Division of Slaves, 1855
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Rose Deaths & Obituaries D.J. Rose, 1940
Rose Deaths & Obituaries Dr. Elbert Pinkney Rose
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Rose Deaths & Obituaries Mrs. Kirby L. Rose, 1966
Rose Deaths & Obituaries William Nicholas Rose, Jr., 1915
Richardson-Cook Deeds M.C. Richardson to A.J. Cook, 1883
Rose Deeds B.B. Rose, Admr. of A.H. Rose Estate, 1866
Rose Deeds Benjamin Rose Senr to Nicholas Rose, 1815
Rose Deeds James Rose, 1801
Rose Deeds James Rose #1785, 1801
Rose Deeds James Rose Jr. to Nicholas Rose, 1825
Rose Deeds John Harper Rose #2126, 1819
Rose Deeds Wm. N. Rose, Jr. to John W. Rose, 1875
Rose-McPherson Deeds Thomas & Polly Rose to Duncan McPherson, 1838
Rose-Rhodes Deeds Nicholas Rose to Ingram Rhodes, 1825
Rose Family Reunions Benjamin Rose Family Reunion
Rose Letters Joseph Rose to Avera Rose, 1857
Rose-Pipkin Letters Herschall V. Rose to Hettie Rose Pipkin, 1855
Rose Marriages John J. Rose to Julia A. Rose, 1875
Rose-Adams Marriages Isaac C. Rose to Susan Adams, 1883
Rose-Allen Marriages Thomas R. Rose to Mary Allen, 1847
Rose-Allen Marriages Thomas R. Rose to Leacy Allen, 1857
Rose-Batten Marriages James W. Rose to M. A. R. Batten, 1880
Rose-Brunt Marriages George P. Rose to Nancy Brunt, 1852
Rose-Capps Marriages Wilson Rose to Emma Capps, 1890
Rose-Capps Marriages William T. Rose to Bethany Capps, 1891
Rose-Cole Marriages William Rose to Caroline Cole, 1879
Rose-Cole Marriages A. M. Rose to Lettie Cole, 1900
Rose-Cotton Marriages George W. Rose to Sallie Cotton, 1889
Rose-Cox Marriages James J. Rose to Margaret A. Cox, 1877
Rose-Davis Marriages Henry Rose to Martha A. Davis, 1872
Rose-Davis Marriages Bardin Rose to Polly Davis, 1844
Rose-Davis Marriages Demsey Rose to Nancy Davis, 1851
Rose-Deans Marriages Gaston Rose to Jane Deans, 1873
Rose-Deans Marriages Osker P. Rose to Dolley A. Deans, 1880
Rose-Edwards Marriages John Rose to Polly A. Edwards, 1890
Rose-Edwards Marriages Henry Rose to Nancy Edwards, 1827
Rose-Eldridge Marriages W. A. Rose to Emily Eldridge, 1881
Rose-Eldridge Marriages A. H. Rose to Elizabeth Eldridge, 1859
Rose-Eldridge Marriages Ben Rose to Lizzy Eldridge, 1841
Rose-Evans Marriages Andrew Rose to Mary J. Evans, 1896
Rose-Fulghum Marriages Henry C. Rose to Sarah Fulghum, 1866
Rose-Gay Marriages John Rose to Catharine Gay, 1853
Rose-Gay Marriages Larry Rose to Elizabeth Gay, 1855
Rose-Harper Marriages Benjamin Rose to Lucy Harper, 1787
Rose-Holland Marriages Haris Rose to Zilpa Holland, 1846
Rose-Jernigan Marriages Benjamin B. Rose to Ethel Jernigan, 1874
Rose-Johnson Marriages J. H. Rose to Ella Johnson, 1894
Rose-Johnson Marriages John J. Rose to Bethany Johnson, 1895
Rose-Johnson Marriages Enos Rose to Piety S. Johnson, 1896
Rose-Johnson Marriages John Rose to Milly Johnson, 1830
Rose-Jones Marriages Gray Rose to Millie J. Jones, 1896
Rose-Keen Marriages Mark Rose to Sally Keen, 1816
Rose-Kern Marriages Jordan Rose to Alsey Kern, 1819
Rose-King Marriages John W. Rose to Susan King, 1870
Rose-Langston Marriages William N. Rose Jr to Sarah Langston, 1872
Rose-Lee Marriages Henderson Rose to Cathrine Lee, 1879
Rose-Lee Marriages Charles M. Rose to Lucy E. Lee, 1890
Rose-Lee Marriages William N. Rose to Pherebee, 1847
Rose-McGlawhon Marriages James Rose to Jerusha McGlawhon, 1798
Rose-Parish Marriages Tobias Rose to Sally Parish, 1849
Rose-Ryals Marriages Thomas W. Rose to Nancy Ryals, 1861
Rose-Sasser Marriages James Rose to Delpha Sasser, 1837
Rose-Sasser Marriages Wiley W. Rose to Sarah Sasser, 1890
Rose-Smith Marriages C. M. Rose to Letha J. Smith, 1883
Rose-Smith Marriages Iredell Rose to Patsey Smith, 1884
Rose-Stafford Marriages Joel Rose to Mollie Stafford, 1887
Rose-Starling Marriages William Rose to Edney Starling, 1878
Rose-Starling Marriages Barna Rose to Winnie Starling, 1878
Rose-Starling Marriages Jno. B. Rose to S. Starling, 1889
Rose-Starling Marriages Larry Rose to Susan Starling, 1863
Rose-Toler Marriages Samuel Rose to Jane Toler, 1873
Rose-Vinson Marriages William H. Rose to Eliza Vinson, 1892
Rose-Wadkins Marriages Henry Rose to Ginsey Wadkins, 1880
Rose-Woodall Marriages D. J. Rose to Anna P. Woodall, 1892
Rose-Yelverton Marriages Larry Rose to Sarah Yelverton, 1872
Rose Photographs Arthur Whitney Rose and Claudia Rose
Rose Photographs Arthur Whitney Rose (on right)
Rose Photographs Arthur Whitney Rose and Vonnie Mae Rose (on left)
Rose Photographs Arthur Whitney Rose, Claudia Rose and Vonnie Mae Rose (child)
Rose Photographs William N. Rose, Barefoot Road, Johnston County
Rose Photographs Pherebee Lee Rose, Barefoot Road, Johnston County
Rose Photographs Mary Ingram Rose, Barefoot Road, Johnston County
Rose Photographs J. J. Rose, Barefoot Road, Johnston County
Rose Photographs Julia A. Rose, Bareoot Road, Johnston County
Rose Photographs Bethany Rose, Barefoot Road, Johnston County
Richardson Wills & Estates Nancy Richarson - 1815
Rose Wills & Estates B.F. Rose - 1882
Rose Wills & Estates Benjamin Rose - 1830
Rose Wills & Estates Elias Rose - 1912
Rose Wills & Estates J. G. Rose - 1887
Rose Wills & Estates Nicholas Rose - 1835
Rose Wills & Estates Nicholas Rose - 1855
Rose Wills & Estates Nicholas Rose - 1855
Surname Researchers
Surname Counties Date Range Researcher
RichardsonWake, Johnston Gary Corbett
RichardsonWake, Johnston1750 - 1850 Clois Richardson
Rose Shelby Jean Crocker-Smith
RoseJohnston1700 - present Jim Montgomery
Rose1810 - 1820's Melissa Martinez
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