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Search Results VIOLA BEASLEY
All search results include:
  • Phonetic matches for the first/middle name ("Viola") and last name ("Beasley")
  • 1-Character matches on the first and middle name ("V")
  • 3-Character matches on the last name ("Bea")
1784-1787 State Census
No Results found
1790 Federal Census
No Results found
1800 Federal Census
No Results found
1810 Federal Census
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1820 Federal Census *
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1830 Federal Census *
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1840 Federal Census *
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1860 Federal Census
No Results found
1870 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Bizzell, Venia
0 White Female 175 Meadow
1880 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Bagley, Lilia V.
0 White Female 185 Bentonville
Bizzell, Vennie I.
10 White Female 39 Meadow
1900 Federal Census
No Results found
1910 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Bagley, Venia
6 Black Female 109 Beulah
Beasley, Eester V.
3 White Female 170 Ingrams
Beasley, Larner V.
5 White Male 121 Meadow
Beasley, Vara M.
White Female 121 Meadow
Beasley, Vera V.
1/9/1900 White Female 559 Smithfield
Beasley, Vessie
1/21/1900 White Female 159 Elevation
1920 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Beasley, James V.
8 White Male 61 Meadow
Beasley, Vara
4 White Female 114 Bentonville
Beasley, Vera
10 White Female 111 Wilson's Mills
Beasley, Vessie
32 White Female 207 Elevation
Beasley, Vida
White Female 33 Meadow
Beasley, Viola
White Female 240 Banner
Beasley, Virgie B.
8 White Female 117 Banner
1930 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Bagley, Virginia
6 White Female 187 Beulah
Bagwell, Virginia
1+7/12 White Female 188 Clayton
Beasley, Eulas V.
25 White Male 218 Elevation
Beasley, Valton
4+5/12 White Male 121 Meadow
Beasley, Vara
21 White Female 063 Wilson's Mills
Beasley, Velma L.
5 White Female 029 Meadow
Beasley, Velma M.
7 White Female 289 Banner
Beasley, Vernon
46 White Male 063 Wilson's Mills
Beasley, Vessie B.
12 White Female 176 Pleasant Grove
Beasley, Vessie L.
40 White Female 176 Pleasant Grove
Beasley, Viola
19 White Female 113 Ingrams
Beasley, Violet M.
3+2/12 White Female 118 Banner
Beasley, Violia J.
8 White Female 159 Pleasant Grove
Beasley, Virginia G.
2 White Female 113 Ingrams
Beasley, Virnia
2 White Female 090 Ingrams
Beasley, Virtle M.
3+1/12 White Female 059 Bentonville
Beasley, Vivian
6 White Female 075 Pleasant Grove
Beasley, Vivian
5 White Female 052 Pleasant Grove
Beasley, Vonuer
29 White Female 203 Banner
1940 Federal Census
Name Age Race Sex Family Township
Bagley, Virginia
16 White Female 133 Micro
Bagwell, Virginia
11 White Female 431 Clayton
Beard, Vara
44 White Female 139 Ingrams
Beasley, E. V.
35 White Male 143 Elevation
Beasley, Thomas V.
4 White Male 149 Ingrams
Beasley, Vahton
9 White Male 46 Ingrams
Beasley, Valton
14 White Male 314 Meadow
Beasley, Velma
2 White Female 128 Banner
Beasley, Velvia
18 White Female 2 Meadow
Beasley, Vera
25 White Female 76 Pleasant Grove
Beasley, Verna
12 White Female 51 Ingrams
Beasley, Vernie M.
22 White Female 38 Banner
Beasley, Vernon
29 White Male 76 Pleasant Grove
Beasley, Viola
20 White Female 40 Pleasant Grove
Beasley, Viola
29 White Female 10 Ingrams
Beasley, Violent
1 White Female 246 Meadow
Beasley, Violiene
15 White Female 13 Pleasant Grove
Beasley, Virginia
12 White Female 10 Ingrams
Beasley, Vivian
16 White Female 67 Ingrams
Beasley, Vonur
39 White Female 46 Banner
Beasly, Velma L.
15 White Female 154 Ingrams
Beasly, Verman
35 White Male 26 Wilson's Mills
Bizzell, Virgina
5 White Female 39 Selma
Boswell, Voncile
20 White Female 17 Beulah
Bastardy Bonds
No Results found
NC Yearbooks
No Results found
No Results found
NC Civil War Soldiers Index *
Name Unit Comp Rank Side
Bagley, A. V. 22nd Regiment, NC Infantry K,E Private C
Beam, Peter V. 34th Regiment, NC Infantry F Corporal C
Beamheart, C. V. 1st Regiment, NC Cavalry F Private C
* All North Carolina soldiers (Union and Confederate) who fought in the Civil War.
NC Civil War Sailors Index *
No Results found
Southern Claims Commission
No Results found
No Results found
Cemetery Graves
Name Birth Death Cemetery
Bagley, Libbie Vernell Dunn 1938 1999 Stones Creek Church
Beasley, Beula Vivian 1914 1917 Banner Chapel Church
Beasley, Charlotte V 1869 1939 Riverside
Beasley, Eulas Vasper 1904 1964 Rehobeth Primitive Baptist Church
Beasley, Mollie V 1885 1971 Beasley, Ransom
Beasley, V M 1847 1923 Hodges Chapel Free Will Baptist Church
Beasley, Valton Lee 1925 1944 Beasley, W. K.
Beasley, Vernie Mae 1918 1965 Banner Chapel Church
Beasley, Vessie H 1889 1958 St. Mary's Grove Original Free Will Baptist Church
Beasley, Vineur M 1900 Beulah Church
Beasley, Viola King 1909 White Memorial Presbyterian Church
Beasley, Virginia C 1930 1955 Parrish Memorial Baptist Church
Bizzell, Volesta 1905 1905 Bizzell, Rev. T. M.
NC Confederate Soldiers Burial Database*
No Results found
Wills Index *
No Results found
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BagleyJohnston1790 - current Warren Bagley
BagleyJohnston James Keen
BagleyJohnston1700 - 1850 Cathy Abrams
Beard1810 - 1820's Melissa Martinez
Beasley Freda Brock
Beasley Vince Beasley
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