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Surname Counties Date Range Researcher
SasserJohnston1600 - 1850 Cathy Abrams
SaulsJohnston, Wake, Durham1850 - 1900 Carla Stancil
Scott Harold Boyette Wallace
SearcyJohnstonEarly 1700's Joe Cercy
Sellars, SellarsJohnston1820 - present Charlene Nix
ShallingtonJohnston, Edgecombe, Beaufort1800 - 1880+ Myroots
SillsJohnston John Sills
SimpkinsJohnston, Wake1800's Patricia Godwin
Simpson1776 - 1923 Jane Randall
Sims Mary Simms-Jones
Slaughter Jeannie Griffin
Smith Harold Boyette Wallace
Smith Alice Holmes
SmithJohnston, Sampson, Wayne1700's - present Auburn Hall
Sneed Roberta Butler
Sneed Freda Robertson Noble
SnipesJohnston1700's - present Bill Snipes
SnipesJohnston Donna Allen
Solomon Freda Robertson Noble
Stafford Dana Hinson
Stancil Sylvia Stephens
StancilJohnston, Wake1700 - 1920 Carla Stancil
StansellJohnston Jann Woodard
StarlingJohnston, Wayne1800 - present Charlene Nix
StarlingJohnston, Wayne1800 - present Kristi Stanfield
StarlingJohnston Barbara Batton Pierce
StarlingsJohnston1700 - present Jim Montgomery
Stephenson Sylvia Stephens
StephensonJohnston1700's - present Shelly Mendenhall
StevensJohnston1700's - mid 1800's James Harmon
StevensJohnston1700's - early 1800's Carl Oehmann
StevensJohnston/Wake1700 -1780 Ed Martin
StevensJohnston1700's - present Shelly Mendenhall
StevensJohnston1780 - 1830's Janis Hendrick
StevensonJohnston1735 - 1814 Helen L. Zink
StewartHarnett, Johnston Iris Hill Brown
Street Geraldine Stewart
StricklandJohnston Christie Moore
StricklandJohnston1700's - mid 1800's James Harmon
Strickland Donna Sherron
StricklandNash1700's - present Rocky Strickland
SuggsJohnston Josie Suggs Fannon
SullivanJohnston Lee Spurlin
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County Coordinator
Michael W. Kay
County Volunteers
Ross Sippel
Connie Ellen Adams
Passed away on 15 July 2015

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